Sunday, December 30, 2007

मकेओवर 2008

This week I think I will consume more alcohol in one week time than I do all year. Just a day away from 2008-- which means resolutions

Be More Organized
Ok, I have a slight case of a type A personality, but sometimes it gets lost to the public, but it's always there. I crave organization and honestly without it, I don't sleep as well. Just ask Mini , Tumbai or Sam, I often make the bed before I can sleep in it. The question is why am I not organized. Well can you say, I have a lot on my plate. In reality I don't have as much as others, but I get so overwhelmed by the details - that I just get consumed. So in 2008, I am going to stop spreading myself so thin, instead, I am going focus on organizing my PMI- so that I don't get too stressed out - don't wait for the last minute to complete TOS - which leads to burnout by the end of the month ;) my IJP (this one is hard), roster adherence :P and to reach office on time,organize my desk - stop the piles - start a filing system that works.And this is till the time I can find a better employer for myself.

I love to write (if anyone who is reading this) you know. I am not sure if I am the best writer, but that does not stop me. I have a secret dream of being a fabulous children's book writer. I have many ideas and many book titles, but they are all in my head. So this year I am going to try to take them from my head to paper. Then figuring out if they are good enough for someone else to read them is another

So that's just two. We will see how long these last. I think organization is hard - but I am committed.

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