Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I was doing really well with the whole 'being indifferent' thing.  Then for some reason, I’m hit by mild insomnia and mood swing and started on this really bad track and wanting things to be different.

I keep telling myself this in hopes that at some point it will eventually sink in, and I will finally, fully and completely realize that twin flames aren't meant to be together. And these are countered with the thoughts of how it all just doesn’t add up. It's the little things that I'm remembering that's making me mushy.

Let what is meant to be, be.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Happy Monsoon....

With monsoon arrival I saw the world and the people around rushing, pushing, driving, forcing itself to a destination and in the middle of all these I remained at peace through all the complexities and the compulsive need to move. My little Zeddie boy couldn't be any happier than to play in splashing water. We spent the Saturday afternoon feeling rain and chasing ball in the rain being perfectly content with our life. If there is anything I have learnt, it is to embrace the many gifts of nature- the ocean and it's glorious waves, the sound of rain, the wind blowing through our hair, the feeling of grass on our feet and to walk away with all beautiful stolen moments that belong to us and only us. And learning to be at peace, while surrounded by chaos.

Happiness is a way of life!

Down the memory lane…

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