Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mini Agnesian Travelogue

So last December I travelled to Jaipur. Saw that it has a different character from Delhi. I saw that it is a city for people who enjoy simplicity. Jaipur seems to have held on to the past and it's history with it's appearance. It has a rocky appearance but not a good place to eat if you are a non vegetarian. The town bursts with creativity from musicians to painters which makes the city buzz with energy. 

Take a look at pictures..

Goa...what do I say about Goa. Though I'm a girl who loves grass, I've also had my mind calmed by the solitude that a sandy beach offers. My eyes landed on the waves from sea and awed my mind in the wonders of the ocean. The light breeze kept me cool as I watched the sun set and the seemingly whispers of the waves washed my legs. I appreciated each layer of the wave as I realised I still have only explored a small part of this beautiful world. As much as I love exploring new places, life is meaningless without friends. I want to travel more and see more places. I know I might go completely broke, but at least I'll go broke seeing beautiful places and doing what I like.

I miss blogging and will try to do some posts whenever I can.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dealing with an Asshole

There's this manipulative jerk who is getting away with abusing employees. He makes weird accusations, takes credit while redirecting blame, and trusts no one. At times it seems like he likes to create chaos or secrecy on purpose to keep team off balance so they never know what's going on. He never tells me I did a good job, but will come down on me for the slightest mistake. He likes to set people up to fail and is a psychopath with untreated mental condition. But then, there is nothing like an abusive workplace to make you think about what's important in life.

You tell me to swallow my pride?! Fuck you and GO TO HELL

Down the memory lane…

Down the memory lane I have had beautiful friends around me who were solely responsible for the eidetic memory I have. The memories have be...