Saturday, October 25, 2008

Regular Meandearing on Orkut

This began two years back when I joined this unexplained charge for computer time.I was surely not up to no good idea bout it's feature.Soon I discovered surprises, friends and made conversation with people, rigging up a series of posts and discussions that left me bemused.I have been regular ever since.

Orkut interests me just as much as school did.We call it Franshipping - sitting in the glow of my monitor, talking to people, networking out to far flung.The mutual addiction is Orkut.Sometimes in the middle of the night it seems only minutes have passed.This Universe of Light and Shadow , where we come to outwit the high and mighty is now our reality.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Office happenings, verbal rambling

Here it goes ! The promised blog we were waiting for.It's so exciting you'll need nerve pill.

What do you do when you have a terrible day at work and can't stand the MOFO Boss.You come back blogspot and and post a terrible entry so that everyone knows your Cinderella story.All day I was dying to mutter the following.

1) The alarm didn't go off -- again.

2)Yeah, whatever. Caffeine and Nicotine is my personal choice and you just SHUT UP !

3)It wasn't my fault. You ASSHOLE !

4)Your LinkedIn is a soxxxx.Orkut is a Roxxx. Yeah !

5)That's not part of my job description :X

6)Isn't it time I had a pay rise? :)

7)I'm planning my wedding and too busy to take on any more work right now

8)Your breath smells/Your shirt is disgusting/Is that a photo of your wife or mother?

9)I'm leaving because I can't stand working for you.


Friday, October 10, 2008

Being Nilu ~~

Wow! The month of September just flew right by and I only got 3 posts in for the entire month!Well, it's been a few days since I posted, so thought I'd better get with it.Sometimes it just seems like I don't have a lot to say...I know I can hold up my end of most conversations. That is besides the point.Somebody busted my blog yesterday and if there is anybody following it,I just don't know how exciting my life is to read about, and I don't want to bore anyone. On the other hand, if you're bored, don't bother visiting my blogspot again :p And if you've been tricked to clicking the mouse on my link lemme tell you the later it gets the more amusing I become ;)

Every night there is melodrama.I see people putting up character descriptions and headshots becoming a hero and champion.But here I’m making the commitment to stay detached with all the manifestations.The Pujas are just over and as predicted I was working which provokes me to think that just when it feels that things have gone up in smoke, I'm usually going to end up looking like an idiot who wasted TONS of time over a job.How quickly I get attached to certain outcomes when things go well with boss at work.I will admit that off late my work place has been a happy feel good place and on the personal front I see the laughter of friendship unfolding around me.Visited SDA with pals and we caught up on each other's lives, and a good deal of bitching.So that was nice, and I really didn't mind some beer in the weekend( even though smoking is prohibited)I'm a person that needs something to look forward to every weekend after my ultra busy and weird weekdays shift.

Hopefully, it will satisfy the blogging expectations of my friends. And I promise to post an absolutely mind-boggling post at a near date. You will be so amazed at my exciting life......lolz.

I don't take myself so personally but for the first time somebody wrote a poem for me.And its none but my dearest beast Rahul.The key is to cherish my good friends while remembering it’s my vibration that will maintain the good things.The poem was sent on orkut testimonial and I am quite happy to flaunt it there.Here it goes ....

sometimes in life u meet a girl
who makes ur world swirl and whirl
who makes you smile in ur greatest despair
and makes u cry if ure a player!

well i met this girl u know
the innonence in her always shows
blue eyed girl,thats wat she is
she brings with her, delight and bliss

she walked all alone, i just saw
she stared blue sky, i just saw
she wanted to cry , i just saw
i din do anythin bout it, i just saw

in the limelight she always remains
hiding with her smile, her immense pains
she works all nyt, makes the ends meet
she is stil quite as a blank sheet

the best friend u can ever find
caring,touchin, adoring, kind
yet the one who shows u the path
this is the least, its not the last

love from all of us

Thanks Rahul !
Love ya for this :)

So many years have passed since I started this blog and in that time I have matured and encountered so many more life experiences. I am f...