Sunday, August 31, 2008

Daddy ! I'm coming.Because I love you and mom lots.I will run to the chemist shop and get medicine for you.I will make soup for you and nurse you like an angel.I will sit with you all day and talk to you so that you don't get bored.When you are tired listening to me , I will play your favorite song and let you sleep.And while you are resting ,I will quickly go to the temple and pray to God so tat you get well soon.

Your loving daughter,

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Monday, August 25, 2008

We’re creeping up on September already. Can't believe it? To me, this used to means so many things. The coming of Autumn with its changing leaves, the Durga Puja , Diwali (okay, not so happening here in Delhi, but still...) The holiday countdown –you know, shopping and crafting days (OMG how many people stimulated reading that? I did writing it, LOL). The list could keep going, of course.

But for me, September always means shopping and family. It’s a shift from focus and learning to fun and frolics. I love this time of year. I love shopping for the festivals, the exciting new possibilities the year brings, and, well, slowing down to think.

But that was all years ago.Time flies...nothing such happens anymore. September perhaps will be just a September and I will probably end up working on Durga Puja if I'm in Delhi not even realising the visit of mighty Goddess.. And if by chance I'm in Assam I have no clue how it'll be. I don't even want to think bout it.And oddly enough, that's me and my solid time management.Rohan died a year ago in September.

The last few weeks have just flown by.Things have been nuts to say the least. I got big time into pwning.Hellish month.Also knowing that dad will be hospitalised is a stress that I must deal with.

Add to that my laptop issues keep going on and its not been a great couple weeks around here.Yeah ! Yeah ! I've been in a bad mood for months now.I swear its lucky I haven't gone either grey or bald between all this.

And yes..I don't know if I can say it ever anywhere else....I love my dad the most.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Rugged Thoughts again.....

Do I think for myself ?Am I a rugged individualist?

OK here's one question.

Do you have the same religious beliefs as your parents?Or the same ones as your romantic partner or social group? I answer "maybe" and I don't think I have done an in-depth objective analysis.So here I am with my point.

Religion is a personal matter. And what one believe does not mean another does. So leave your views out of my place. And out of politics. Politicians should be open to the views of all, not just one group. They are supposed to represent the nation. Not just whichever religious group bitches the most or takes majority space.

If people are asked what music, movies, etc they like, what comes out of their mouth is whatever is currently popular in general...PINK FLOYD , NIRVANA blah blah .
Why do people tend to like what other people like?

To me, the real key thing is connecting the analysis around individuals’ life experiences to the insight that all systems of power are interconnected.Or maybe its just that some individual people experience multiple forms of oppression with all systems so called civilization.But as a Dimajik woman from Assam, I experience sexism on the oppressed side. THANK GOD !

So I have proved my point now ;-)

Ahhhhhh, I love to find out why folks do the silly things they do.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

PlatinumWheels !

Isn't office furniture great? Especially the chairs with wheels on, such as the one that I am sitting on right now. Very kewl! I don't care what form that life takes, it would just be so cool if in my lifetime life is found outside of Earth.

Friday, August 8, 2008

piss- poor princess Nilanjana

I am a piss- poor blogger.My laptop sucks.When I started this I had great thoughts to pen down but all my creative thoughts are blocked now.All that my head can hear is the KABAARIII......PAYPERRR.... in their most creative attention grabbing voice howling outside.Not to forget vegetable hawkers who sell bananas.Aarrrrgggh!

This guy who has been miserably trying to hit on me calls me PRINCESS. My foot ! Come and massage my back you asshole.Serve my breakfast and cook my lunch.And wash my clothes while i'm out to work.
I need a new laptop and a house in Gulmohur Park , and 8 MB broadband connection and a router and a boyfriend who is a model by profession.And a boss who doesn't use mobile phone.

Hmmm...Breath innn....Breath outtt... :X

I mean I have just crawled out of that miserable months of solitary confinement, emo-style. OK, if I think back to the first month of this year everything is clear.Between then and now, blur. I have been in the most stressful social situations of my life, dealing with my own hypersensitivity as well as the insensitivity of others; pushing my brain and body to the limit, working on more than twenty hours of TOS deficit; going madly into almost overdrawn accounts.And it's still not OK.Life is a bitch after all.

The high hand of BPO culture has dictated my one-on-one relationship with friends across the south. Dina is pissed at me. I owe a dozen or more people visit. I'm still trying to understand how others tick, how i tick. And this is definitely an awkward space for attempting such feats.
I was at Barista yesterday.And before that Shrek look-alike bastard was outside McD.I just walked away ignoring his attention seeking roaring laughter.There was this interesting couple at Barista.Actually a MORON and a bitch.I first noticed the girl talking about her miseries while her boyfriend lovingly sympathized and held her hand showing some assurance, care , love whatever.Ten minutes later we see that the moron is taking out four debit/credit cards and some cash from his wallet and handing them over to the girl.She is now smiling.And they live happily ever after.

Coming back to myself,I make so few connections with people outside my company.I haven't been on a date for long time now :( though I make it a point to hit Barista or Coffee Day once a week, merely because I love coffee and nothing else :O and the waiter knows me now.He asks how i'm doing and knows my order.Cafe Latte and two sugar.

So thats my Blah for now....Snooze mode !

p.s. I want a chutiya boyfriend too :P

Monday, August 4, 2008

Cop the Behenjis

Being friendly and carrying a smile on face is the gemstone for well being which rules the mind and the fortune of a person. It helps a person to attain more friends apart from enjoying social popularity.Moreover a genuine smile enhances the personality and makes you look more beautiful , thus improving the quality of life.

So all rude behenjis , if you are reading this ,go ahead and SMILE a bit.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

FRIENDS : forget -me-nots in my garden

This morning I made a decision. I have decided to not give any importance to Friendship Day this year onward. I have put dedication to friendship and love all my life spending more time time with friends than my family. It is clear in my head now that friendship is not about reaching that special one once a year....its about loving everyday.It is weird to dispose the friendship spirit theme next day... so definitely no vandalism happening. I just want to continue loving everyday instead of one day in a year. I don't regret all the friends I have made and times I have spent with them.I did not reach out to any of them,just replied to friends who forwarded corny wishes.Courtesy you know.I do appreciate all of it.And I still love all of them equally.

Talking about friends and friendship it makes me think about life and how life goes by too fast to be concerned about it. It makes me remember to live it to the fullest. Also to forgive everyone because forgiveness it the cure to war. And how making mistake turns into a learning experience. I keep going each day living by that. Always smiling and knowing that parting may be sad but they remind you of good times. Something like forget-me- not .My friends are like forget-me- not flowers in my garden of life.

Down the memory lane…

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