Thursday, July 16, 2009

Reebooting Myself---

Here I go again. I know I know I have been slacking in this blogspot area and simply not posting any insightful and meaningful blogs.I'm a little paranoid about this blog going up in my Great Driving Challenge Application link cause that somehow feels like intrusion of my little bitching space.But this whole Driving madness had been keeping me busy and thanks to the voting requirements, I at least reached up to people who I had been ignoring for years. It's great. I don't know if I will make it to the top of the contest but my participation does make me feel like a non lazy and non frumping lady in her young twenties. Heh !

I really wish I could say I am totally overwhelmed with life and that I have so much on my plate that I have shut down mentally.But honestly , life's easy right now.It took me a lot of courage to give up four and half years of my committment to work.Life had been a rat race and I want slow down a bit...relax and reboot MYSELF.It's not always easy sprinting around knowingly.Maybe this whole decision was my attempt to reward myself for all the crap that I have gone through or maybe it is just I have finally become "settled".My association with Wipro was like social suicide and I hope after this I can enjoy the good things in life more efficiently.

And this Great Driving Challenge could be my first attempt of reebooting after all that rigorous clicks and beeps at my workplace.It's gonna be so much fun driving to new places , capturing moments and slowing down a bit to indulge in the best things of life.I do not have enough votes though to confidently look forward. But HOPE is the key right ? :)

So , check out for this space in a couple of days. Will update what's goin' on.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Check out The Great Driving Challenge !!

Hi I am inviting you to become a fan on the application page and cast your vote in support. You can visit my application page by clicking on this link here. Cast your vote and also become a fan. Organizers Mitsubishi Cedia Sports The Great Driving Challenge Powered by Zigwheels. PS. If you have any problems casting your vote or signing up as a fan, just drop us an email to

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