Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My blog still exist.

I am learning a lot of stuff. Who knew there were so many useful unused functions in Word?Flop Wiproite techie that I am I wasn't aware that you could lock word files till TS passed his stuff to me.I thought it was just about yaada- yaada type-toop diction.
And, yah, I might partly be careful here because I do see quite a number of visitors even when I didn't place any ad.

Anyway, if I may get a little political… I am getting seriously scared of our incompetent government.Our council executives have failed to restore autonomy in the hills.Anything is better than these men who have lost everything to money.If I ever see any of these men in future,there will be no handshake.....just platinum heels and a middle finger.This system is thankfully not shared in Wipro, so I’m at least in good company.Stories like this reflect my concern for the situation, and also the need to step in for my people back home.But I just want to laugh at the most serious things - otherwise I can’t live.Legacy fucked.

(I needed that - joking about serious matters is the only way to live normally).

So I still pounced my favorite coffee at Barista even when there was news of five bomb blasts in the city.Those personally affected by these blasts are there in my prayers.And to the friggin' terrorist , take this for now _|_

My eyes are shutting.....snoooozzzzz

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Heyy !~ I'm like a bird....

Being with family is definitely nice just that it doesn't feel like home here in Ghy.Haflong is where the heart is but then life is all about adjustments right.Here in Ulubari a lot of things have changed except for few like the view from our terrace, the smell of Ghy and the sound of ISKCON.It's my third day here and I haven't had the time to visit ashram or catch up with friends who've been waiting desperately for me.I need time to accept the fact that Ghy is pathetically crowded by stereotypes and small cars.Dad is getting better each day which means there will be lots of tantrums and vague demands from him soon.

Chatting with mom is like the most harassing time.Al rite 40 percent of the people I know are getting hitched and it doesn't come as a surprise in society where girls wed between 21 and 25 but what about us..fun , fearless women who find men silly.Mom's conventional wisdom suggest that as you grow older, you are also more prone to being firm and set in our own ways to let in another person in our space.Yah yah....one last affair was a disaster and 'm talking bout marriages here.I would rather wait than compromise on the quality of my partner just to get married at the so- called right age.I want to experience life by oneself before stepping into such institution.And I want mom to realize that it will affect not just me , but the man and our families as well.
In the meantime , all I have to say is that I my dream man should be debonair and wise with looks to spare.Is that too much to ask for a millionaire ?

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