Sunday, May 31, 2009

Eiding naure pung nau ray (2)
Maya ra, maya ra , saklong pubi Mayara

- Anthem of Ulubari

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Fighting exhaustion

Long time ! I don't want my blog to die the slow lingering death of not being kept up.I can say I've been busy with work.That's true.I've been so exhausted by the end of the day that my fingers would not type in complete sentences.That's true too.What adjustments we are making in this failing economy.Change is never easy.Things do get worse before thay get better.Like Little Bailey in the Traveling Sisterhood movie says , it's all about stringing all the things together and making those count more than the bad ones.And finally , getting through it. That's all we can ask for.

Deeper though, I've just not been feeling like sharing my life much. I never started this blog to get comments or links or hits. I have not added advertisements or causes. I don't even have a central theme or cause as a focus.I need some time to rethink this blog and what it means to me, what is does for me.

I quit coffee. Doctor says if I continue caffeine and nicotine intake my style,I'd die young.My pulse rate was so high that my blood had trouble finding way to my brain.I didn't know I was anemic.My thyroid number was so bad.Only my liver and kidney function was good.Haha !But I was happy to be told that I'm not in my worst situation yet.Just have to take care of myself.I am quite functional.I'm not irritable, or weepy, or short temptered these days(at least I don't think I am! ;-)). I sleep well and wake up well... I just get tired.

I didn't mean to write about the tangles of pain and my illness and addiction combined with extreme work race or my broken heart debilitating me or about my life which seem to have blown away in the wind after my father died, and my attempt to come back.It's a pathetic case of blogger identity crisis.I write so naked that I sometimes feel somewhat inhibited.

Well, I had time to scribble all this out because my body is in a state of confusion after my transition to Eastern Time from Indian after all that rigorous training at Verizon.And now ,they have finally assigned me a wonderful team.In my previous Geek Squad I was so used to working/teaming up with ugly nerds that I feel quite enchanted here in my VOL.

Uh-oh.. I think I hear the kabari man, better make sure I shut down before he terrifies me with his voice skills.

Juthai drom the Dimajik !

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