Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Home burns...

N.C. Hills has launched a strategy relying on fear mongering ,ethnic division and hate.The result is people saying - "Kill him"," terrorist","traitor" ! and more at rallies, with the government playing dumb in response.It's outrageous. and it must stop.

We have failed to show that together Indians of all tribes are standing for this.As we stand into the nitty gritty and ugly days of ethnic clash in the North Cachar Hills district ,it is frightening for every child of our land to see how the wisps of barbaric killing has affected life.N.C. Hills four decades ago was a place which everyone had loved to see but now we hedge on going there for the fear of losing our own life.I have concerns for the safety of my loved ones back home in the hills.

Going to the deepest core of the haven of our childhood shelter, I am hearing things that make my heart ache as a Dimasa.Things that bring out my own fear for my family as someone which is far from lily white.It upsets me that so many people have no job , cannot afford food ,have lost their children to a needless conflict , can't afford healthcare , can't pay for education, have lost their home...all in order to say - This land belongs to "ME".

The fanatic patriots of our own land have instilled fear in crowds.You are not only spreading what you know is right ( which is actually wrong); you are choosing hatred to win unjustly and is therefore not running in integrity.The mothers , fathers and all widows need to take great care in realising just what it is you are sewing the seeds of in our own land- nothing but terror , fear and loss.I want to ask the fanatics-Do you really know what it is you sew ? Do you consider in quiet times of yourself when you are deep in thoughts what it is yo are sewing , just how much of this fight is humanity vs brotherhood?

My family on all sides has worked for every person in the neighborhood to be treated fairly.Let's not go back 40 years.Do not take away our dreams and the dreams of our children simply due to the difference in mother tongue or that we do not believe in the same kind of God.

And , here's for the elite government- Shame on you ! Shame on you! My daily hope is now that we can look to our future as one people, and will choose a leader who sees us as ONE people......NOT as Baruahs,Thaosens,Raltes,Sharmas.We are a diverse culture and need to be respected and honoured as such in order to get the best from each and every last one of us.Respecting and honouring all of us, leaving none of us out or behind.

That's all I can ask for.Peace !

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