Sunday, March 15, 2009

When life hits me on the face..

It is odd how smelling certain things can invoke particular thoughts, emotions, and memories. While at times it is positive, these thoughts can be very unexpected and somewhat unwanted. Needless to say, I cannot imagine where some things originate! Since they appear, the desire to solve them arises, but not knowing where they are from and why they come makes it difficult.I assume that EVERYTHING happens because God purposely caused it and he is still testing to see how miserable HE can make me.

And that marks the end of my terrible weekend.I was so stuck.But I don't wanna be mad...I wanna get laid :|

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fuzzy Brain

So, I feel inspired–inspired to blog about how I am inspired about nothing.
You see, I go to write some amazing in my post and then I sit down and BAM!
My brain goes to fuzz and all my inspiration flies out the window.

I made it home yesterday exhausted physically and mentally/emotionally.I crashed into my bed and was so shocked to wake up 10 hours later when there was merely 1 hour left of Saturday.And then I cooked meal with Mini and argued with somebody online for being so pathetically self absorbed and the next thing I realised is that I slept yet again with my lights and computer turned on.That makes a total of 17 hours sleep per day.

I knew I was tired but I didn't know I was THAT tired.LOL !Life's just insanely odd sometimes.

Mini has been busy packing.And the more I see her , the more mushy I feel.We are left with less than 24 hours before she takes her flight.And I've had these kinda fragile feelings before when I was in college hostel.Off late I've been more consciously thankful for my friends.I have some wonderful ones and maybe the best! Laughing , crying,talking,smiling, sharing, being extremely retarded, goin' odd places at odd hours of the day.I want to thank all my friends for sharing my life.

That reminds me I have to share my time with Aasif ,Vikas, Raj and Mini today in bits.Though it's kinda painful when you have to plan your day in slots it's a great feeling when people want to spend their time with you.

Jeez ! I don't want my blog to sound like a minute to minute commentary of everyday but since I have already typed them and I'm too lazy to use the backspace I might as well share the blah with the world.LOL ! do enjoy and leave me comments if you are reading this.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Time does Fly

This is an important blog.YES ! And I will spare the reasons and excuses for not updating my blog.I am no more the old NT that I used to be.Actually I am suffering from a serious case of expression blockade.There is sufficient amount of thoughts, events and feelings to discuss,but I can't seem to form them into a coherent post.Actually, Madd dutifully reminded me that I haven't been posting anything here.I love his blog.Though I don't see much happening there either.

The past week was much blogging moment but right now my mind is turning to mash to enter the details.It seems as if I have been hit from every side so far this year and to be honest it is difficult.I am unable to deal with night shifts and cannot stay up past midnight,even those coffees aren't helping.Actually, I don't even crave for coffee and cigarette anymore and even if I try them for the heck of it....I don't really enjoy the taste like I did before.It's driving me crazy.I am trying to be in control of my circumstances.Sometimes it feels like I am in the bottom of a barrell and looking up hoping that dad will reach down to pull me up.Saturday is Rest Day from the grinding and tedious schedules that I am forced to keep.

My life is currently full of work and friends.Work.Really isn't so hard.I love the Verizon team and I hope this quarter is light.Lots has happened and I even have the pictures of Sudeep's birthday,Poets Day and all.I've been dangling in the church with Abha and met my SD friends;and jamming with Marc etc.Mini is moving back home.She's been my friend since I can recall time.And it's strange I talk more about Abha and other friends instead of Pinky or Mini or Kimshain.

Just to let you know I consider you one of my closest friends. You were there for me when I needed you and in return I was there when you needed me. I will miss talking to you, eating with you, cooking together, and our random town gossips . I especially will miss you as my room mate ;)I know that change takes place in everyone's life and although I do not like it, I am learning to adjust. I know that there were times that I never told you how much I cherished our friendship but I truly do. I know that we will still see each other and do things together but for now I will miss you my sister.

So I have a goal that I'm trying to reach. The goal might be stretching myself, but I'm determined to get it done. Now lets just see if I do. Recently I've been reminding myself that I CAN do it.Also spring is here.I love spring for all the brightness and sun it brings.The only thing I will miss is not having dad in my proximity to wish him another year.

I guess that's all for now.And pardon me for saying in the beginning that this was goin' to be an important blog.Actually, I still suck in many areas.

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