Monday, February 8, 2016


Am I jumping to conclusions too quickly? Have I made myself clear about my needs to him? Have I been unfairly expectant of them to just understand on their own? Or am I just trying to run away? Am I trying to justify my baseless excuses to get out of this? Have I done everything in my power to save this relationship? Have I taken note of what he is doing to save us?Are my fears concerning us even realistic? Are my issues solvable? Has all this happened before? Am I repeating my mistakes all over again?Is someone influencing my views on our relationship?Am I being true to myself? What was the reason I fell for him in the first place? Is it still a valid reason to be with him? Why am I in it in the first place? Do I see a long term potential in us? Does it really matter? Do we have trust issues? Do I love him? Even a little bit?Do I want to break away from this  person and destroy every link that we put to keep us together? Do I pretend that it never existed. 

Sometimes, it can be quite a struggle convincing myself that my fleeting heart is happy. 

Thank you Storypick.

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