Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I’m getting increasingly annoyed by people who ask me about my future plans (or) try to give me advice about what I should do (the list includes my family too). Mainly because, I haven’t planned anything and don’t intend to either. I would like it to be that way. Waiting for the unexpected ….

Also, I still don’t know where ‘HOME’ is. Or rather, don’t know which place I’d like to call home. I am craving for a nice vacation ! No, I don’t mean the stressful-at-times-but-vacation-most-of-the-times, sort of a thing that am doing right now. I need, a vacation, where I’m just by myself for at least 2 weeks, in an unknown place, surrounded by people who don’t speak any language that I understand. Into the unknown, soul searching, some adventure, crazy, weird, adrenaline rush, rejuvenation !!

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pSyCho said...

i know.. and trust me .. i do understand .. !!

and m myself feeling a lost since a few months now.. :(

anyways .. days change and memories stay :((

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