Thursday, June 25, 2015

Mini Agnesian Travelogue

So last December I travelled to Jaipur. Saw that it has a different character from Delhi. I saw that it is a city for people who enjoy simplicity. Jaipur seems to have held on to the past and it's history with it's appearance. It has a rocky appearance but not a good place to eat if you are a non vegetarian. The town bursts with creativity from musicians to painters which makes the city buzz with energy. 

Take a look at pictures..

Goa...what do I say about Goa. Though I'm a girl who loves grass, I've also had my mind calmed by the solitude that a sandy beach offers. My eyes landed on the waves from sea and awed my mind in the wonders of the ocean. The light breeze kept me cool as I watched the sun set and the seemingly whispers of the waves washed my legs. I appreciated each layer of the wave as I realised I still have only explored a small part of this beautiful world. As much as I love exploring new places, life is meaningless without friends. I want to travel more and see more places. I know I might go completely broke, but at least I'll go broke seeing beautiful places and doing what I like.

I miss blogging and will try to do some posts whenever I can.

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