Thursday, January 29, 2009

L2 Heal

Year 2009 is upon us and it's now time to get more busy.I want to just live.Time is always on my mind and I do realise that it's not good to not do anything for too long. So I've decided that I will stay with Wipro and renew my Techie skills.I cannot risk my profile while I see so many ass on fire all over the world.So that is good.On the down side I'll have to part with my old team and train for a US based ISP which isn't so exciting.I'm hoping a lot, that this quarter will bring a fresh change of not being so weigh'd down maybe my IJP fulfilled.

I intend to spend more time troubleshooting because when I look at myself it is still me.I am not great.And no matter how many quarters pass by and how many great appraisals happen it is just underwhelming.At AOL perhaps I grew chilled and relaxed.Maybe Verizon could be my radical change.I don't now how things will turn out but being the crazy me, m expecting stress too.

I've worked with some really talented people in L2.I will miss teaming up with them and working all night for resolutions, rep SAT and data.

I guess that's all for now.In this world where there are only a couple of things that you could call your own and you can be really sure of...just parting with your regular associates can be annoying...even if they are just one floor apart.

Out for now.


MaddoGG-The Fat One said... you'll miss your tight pant-wala friend...LOL

Tangerine said...

No matter what comes our way, life goes on.
Good luck with that!

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