Wednesday, January 28, 2009


OMG ! February is almost here...which means VALENTINES DAY.Aaargghh !No actually,this Valentines there will be no whining and crying over being dateless.(like it ever happens :P)I will just grab my friends , click glasses , pour some alcohol and party like there's no tomorrow.Who cares if you are single ? You are all the lover you need. Eh?

Relationsip levels are anyway getting more and more complicated in today's weird world.People talk about no strings,covenience relationships :O WTF !And the cost of actual dating is sky rocketing too and if you ask me love and relationship is the most stressful things in life.SERIOUSLY !

We say it is already too bad that we click the SINGLE option while creating an online profile in Facebook or Orkut.LOL! But frankly speaking to be faced with the reality of not being single outside the confinement of cyberspace is a bit too much to handle.Thank God we are all singletons in our immediate friend circle.Afterall we have all had our share of stress and trouble and the highs and lows that love brought us.DUH!But inspite all that we all feel the crunch in February and want a dose of it, isn't it ?

Okay, we are all mature and cool enough to know a couple of things to do to distract ourselves on that fateful day.And we do know that it's about celebrating love.Your love for friends, your pets , yourself, your boyfriends , girlfriends.ANYTHING ! No discrimination.Just party like a rockstar , drink like a fish...or just spend time with your beloved friends in your favorite hangout and order special coffee.Live the life you love....

But no matter how much I grasp the idea that I don't have to be in a relationship to enjoy Valentine's Day; there will always be that moment off that (awful) 24 hrs when I'll wallow in self pity.I HATE YOU SAM !

This is true Denial stage.I better shut this computer now or my mind will Peter out.

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