Saturday, March 7, 2009

Fuzzy Brain

So, I feel inspired–inspired to blog about how I am inspired about nothing.
You see, I go to write some amazing in my post and then I sit down and BAM!
My brain goes to fuzz and all my inspiration flies out the window.

I made it home yesterday exhausted physically and mentally/emotionally.I crashed into my bed and was so shocked to wake up 10 hours later when there was merely 1 hour left of Saturday.And then I cooked meal with Mini and argued with somebody online for being so pathetically self absorbed and the next thing I realised is that I slept yet again with my lights and computer turned on.That makes a total of 17 hours sleep per day.

I knew I was tired but I didn't know I was THAT tired.LOL !Life's just insanely odd sometimes.

Mini has been busy packing.And the more I see her , the more mushy I feel.We are left with less than 24 hours before she takes her flight.And I've had these kinda fragile feelings before when I was in college hostel.Off late I've been more consciously thankful for my friends.I have some wonderful ones and maybe the best! Laughing , crying,talking,smiling, sharing, being extremely retarded, goin' odd places at odd hours of the day.I want to thank all my friends for sharing my life.

That reminds me I have to share my time with Aasif ,Vikas, Raj and Mini today in bits.Though it's kinda painful when you have to plan your day in slots it's a great feeling when people want to spend their time with you.

Jeez ! I don't want my blog to sound like a minute to minute commentary of everyday but since I have already typed them and I'm too lazy to use the backspace I might as well share the blah with the world.LOL ! do enjoy and leave me comments if you are reading this.

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Tangerine said...

the beauty of having a blog is if ppl dnt like what they read its thr business...
they r free 2 not visit if they choose to.
and neways every1 has off days.

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