Friday, January 23, 2009

My soul is on SALE - Yeah !

Wow...another post from me. And so soon too! Well, I just had to say that I can finally figure out how Torrent works and I've been downloading movies daily.Little refreshment.I don't mind being home so much.Mini and I have a nice time cooking.

"Mean Girls" was good film, I would give it 9 outta 10. Worth a bitch.But "John Tucker must die" was a waste of time.I found it funny in parts but mostly boring and would only rate it as ok, 5 outta 10.The story was a touch unbelievable as well.I'm also hoping to go see the movie "The sisterhoof of the travelling pants" and "Ten things I hate about you."and will report back on how good the film is when i have.Sutterth, my randomn orkut pal helps me with the download.I just have to name the movie and it's there.Isn't that awesome ?

Sometimes I go way overboard. But then I guess it's because I've been off work and I'm up and down due to the weather outside, feels like things are just changing so much.Happiness is a state of mind though and so I guess i need to go cheer myself up with some comedy.

Silly me!!I will blog again in the near future...

Check this out.It's from Sutterth again :)

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